Where on (Google) Earth #75?

Lots of WoGE deserts recently, including Melody’s beautiful barchans. Ripples in Sand, indeed!

So let’s cool things off a bit with a couple of glaciers. It just so happens that I’ve just covered glaciers and glaciation in Intro Geology, so it seems fitting. (Ironically, deserts are up next.)

It’s been a while since I posted an oblique anaglyph, so let’s give that a go again:

Where on (Google) Earth #75

Since my students have the opportunity to earn GeoChallenge credit for identifying “Where on (Google) Earth?” challenges I’ll invoke the Schott Rule (post time: 1:20am CST), to slow down some of the pros. ;-)

And for those without the funny red-blue glasses, here’s the non-anaglyph version:

Where on (Google) Earth #75

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