Where on (Google) Earth #299?

Felix Bossert’s WoGE #298 was just oozing with the hues of the Sahara Desert. Since I’d previously posted WoGE #66 not too far away (as it turns out) and I’ve contemplated posting other WoGEs from this spectacular region, my search took on a fiercer urgency than I’ve felt in some time. Sometimes I really enjoy the flat out frantic academic sprint that searching for a WoGE without the Schott Rule can be.

And since I enjoyed it so much, I’ll return the favor and not invoke the Schott Rule for WoGE #299. That means it’s going to be a fanatic dash to see who can identify the latitude and longitude of the locality below and explain its geologic significance for the honor of hosting WoGE #300. On your marks… get set… Go!

Where on (Google) Earth #299.

(My money’s on the tortoise.)

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