Where on (Google) Earth #66?

It took me long enough, but I finally found the Zoltán’s Himalayan hideaway. It was a really challenging location to find, because even though I had picked up on most of the geologic clues (and there were plenty of them) it took me a while to synthesize them properly in a way that narrowed down the location. Nonetheless, it was a very rewarding challenge for me because I was able to use my knowledge of geology in finding it, rather than purely brute force grid searching.

So, once again it’s again my turn to post the next installment of Where on (Google) Earth. I’ve been sitting on this next location for a while now (%&*#$! Schott Rule!). There’s some good geology visible in the image, but I chose it primarily for its pure aesthetic beauty. The view is an oblique one:

Where on (Google) Earth #66

For the newbies: Identify the location of the feature (latitude and longitude will do) and describe the geology as best you can. We’re pulling for you!

I’ll invoke the Schott Rule (Post time: 11:57 AM CDT).

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