Where on (Google) Earth #240?

Wooohoo! This is the tenth WoGE of the month, making this the first time since Septermber & October of 2007 that we’ve had back to back months with double digit WoGEs. And I should point out that this is not just the usual suspects. We’ve seen plenty of new winners mixed in with the veterans. Congratulations one and all!

WoGE Posts by Month

Having found French PhD student Rom T.’s very first WoGE, I’m going to stick with the coastal theme. To mix things up a bit I’ll offer up an oblique view of this very interesting coastline. But to be honest, I’m choosing this view for the beautiful wave refraction visible in the foreground as much as anything else. I figure the oblique view and relatively small area should offset the fact that coastlines are usually easy to recognize, so I’ll keep things moving along by not invoking the Schott Rule. The goal, as always, is to identify the location of the image below (latitude and longitude) and to describe as much as you can about its geology – answer in the comments. First person to succeed on both points has the honor of hosting WoGE #241 on their geoblog.

Where on (Google) Earth #240 Oblique View.

If this view proves too challenging I’ll provide a map view in a few days.

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