Where on (Google) Earth #235?

In honor of the world’s largest(?) ever gathering of Geobloggers and Geotweeps this evening at the AGU Social Media Soirée I hereby present Where on (Google) Earth #235? for your entertainment. Most of you already know that to win the challenge you need to find the latitude and longitude of the image below and describe the geology of the area to the best of your ability. Post your answers in the comments and if you’re the first to identify both (as I was for WoGE #234) you’ll have the honor of hosting the next WoGE on your own social media platform.

Where on (Google) Earth #235.

No Schott Rule, since I’m a little late posting this one. We’ve gotta keep up the pace if we’re going to reach double digit WoGEs for the second month in a row. Let the chaos commence!

Update: Now that its been found I figured I’d add a GigaPan view of the area that I shot last summer:


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