Where on (Google) Earth #232?

It seems like every time Where on (Google) Earth gets stuck in the mud (volcanoes) I’m the one who gets to pull it out. This was true back on WoGE #69 and its still true today on WoGE #231. What is it about these petroleum geologists, that they keep dragging WoGE back through the mud (volcanoes)? ;-)

Despite the brief pause for mud, WoGE has really been rolling lately. In fact, November 2010 was the first month with double digit WoGE postings since October 2008. Curiously, there haven’t been back to back months with double digit WoGE posts since September-October 2007.

WoGE Posts by Month

Recently I’ve posted a couple of WoGE locations that were harder to find but had interesting geology. Today, however, I’m in the mood for one of those spots that has exquisitely beautiful geologic imagery, even though there shouldn’t be too much mystery in finding it or describing the geologic features. As a consequence, I’m going to invoke the Schott Rule (please wait an hour for each WoGE Win you’ve got before answering). Though it’s a small area, I don’t think this one shouldn’t be too hard to find, so it’s especially aimed at those of you who may be new to the game. If you’re playing for the first time, the goal is to identify the location of the image below (latitude and longitude) and to describe its geology – answer in the comments. First person to succeed on both points has the honor of hosting WoGE #233 on their geoblog.

Where on (Google) Earth #232.

Post time: 5 Dec 2010, 17:10 Central Standard Time (USA) – 5 Dec 2010, 23:10 GMT.

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