Where on (Google) Earth #214?

New geoblogger Ryan Brown over at Glacial Till didn’t take long to find WoGE #212, and since he was kind enough not to put a Schott Rule on it I was able to return the favor and quickly identify the lovely barchan dunefield encroaching on the estuary of the meandering Rio Preguiças that he chose for WoGE #213.

For WoGE #214 I’ve selected a rather large area (by WoGE standards), so I expect it won’t be too hard to locate. Thus, I will choose to invoke the Schott Rule (please wait an hour for each WoGE Win you’ve got before answering). The real challenge in this one will be encapsulating the very interesting geologic story contained in this otherwise unassuming Google Earth image. I’m looking for more detail than just a one line geologic description (but don’t feel compelled to write a thesis before identifying the location and claiming the right to post WoGE #215). One or two of you may even have field photos from this region (please share!) if you’ve been lucky enough to visit it on research or a field trip…

Where on (Google) Earth #214.

Post time: 13 Oct 2010, 08:50 Central Daylight Time (USA) – 13 Oct 2010, 13:50 GMT.

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