GSA 2012 Annual Meeting, Charlotte, NC #GEO2012

The story so far…

After a long night of redeye flights from Bakersfield, CA to Charlotte, NC via Phoenix, AZ, I went straight into a very productive research meeting on Friday with the Digital Planet team. Needless to say, I slept well Friday night (and well into Saturday morning).

Saturday evening I got my registration badge and attended the GSA Icebreaker, where I had a nice conversation over beers with Callan Bentley and Richard Treves.

Today (Sunday) I had lunch with Callan Bentley and Jen Piatek to put the final touches on our GigaPan Speed Dating presentation. This afternoon I’ve been listening to the Packers and doing a bit of grading (and of course, writing up this post).

Here’s what’s ahead…

In a little while I’ll be headed in to the exhibitors hall where I’ll be seeking out the good folks at Little River Research and Design. Looking forward to playing in the sand! ;-) After another round of GSA beer I’ll be headed to some of the NAGT 2-year college events at the Westin Hotel. Finally, I’ll be headed up to the RiRa Irish Pub for the getbloggers/geotweeps get together. I look forward to catching up with lots of old friends and making a few new ones there – it’s always nice to flesh out those online relationships over beers.

Digital Geology Speed Dating

Tomorrow (Monday) I’ll be spending my entire day in the Pardee Keynote Symposium on Digital Geology. I’ll be presenting in the GigaPan segment of the Speed Dating session in the morning with Callan and Jen, and in the afternoon we’ll continue our GigaPan discussions in the digital poster session. I hope to meet lots of folks who are already using GigaPans in Geology and chat with lots of others who are just discovering this powerful tool. No doubt I’ll try to sneak a peek at all of the neat new geologic applications for Google Earth, as well. Monday evening will probably see social visits to my alma maters, but we’ll see what else develops.

Tuesday morning I’ll be packing up and probably making a few more strategic visits to posters and talks, and then it’s off to the airport and a long series of flights back to Bakersfield.

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