Where on (Google) Earth #358?

I located Callan’s tidal flat yesterday evening, but decided to wait until the challenge was 24 hours old before submitting my answer. Since nobody beat me to it I’ve got the honor of hosting “Where on (Google) Earth?” one more time. We’ll see if enough people are still playing to keep up the recent pace of WoGE solutions, or whether I plunge the game into hibernation again with a location too obscure to be found quickly. Only time will tell…

If you’re new to Where on (Google) Earth? the object of the game is to explore Google Earth to locate the area pictured below and then to comment here with that location (latitude and longitude or a detailed description) and a description of the geologic feature pictured. I’m particularly interested in gathering information about the geology of this location because it’s been one that I’ve looked at many times, but though it appears to have the characteristics of one type of geologic feature, I’m fairly certain that it’s actually not what one might first guess. In any case, I haven’t found much information about the geology of this spot myself and I’m hoping to use this WoGE challenge to crowdsource a bit more research. As always, the person who correctly identifies the locality and describes the geology accurately will have the opportunity to host WoGE #359 on their own geoblog. If you want a more detailed rundown of the WoGE ‘rules’ or some suggestions for WoGE strategy, see Felix Bossert’s excellent Wogelix blog.

Where on (Google) Earth #358.

My web server has been a little slow to load images recently, so if you don’t see an image here try this alternate WoGE #358 image link.

No Schott Rule. Just start searching. Good luck!