Geological Pilgrimage: Töshük Tagh (Shipton’s Arch)

I’m a bit late getting this post up for Accretionary Wedge #45: Geological Pilgrimage, but I had to think long and hard to settle on an appropriate destination. I contemplated traveling in time, as Brian Romans chose to, but ultimately I wanted to stick a little more literally to the assigned topic. I have had the privilege to visit a great many deserving geologic destinations in the western USA during my career as a geologist, but I feel the spirit of this Wedge topic called for selecting a destination that one holds out as a goal – something to strive for, not yet achieved – and moreover, a location distant enough that the journey itself would be an Odyssey worthy of the term “pilgrimage”. And with these constraints in mind, I turned for inspiration to National Geographic magazine, and there I found what I believe to be a worthy destination: Shipton’s Lost Arch.

At this point in my life, I’ll admit it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever make it there, but if I do, you can all expect a spectacular GigaPan. ;-)