Where on (Google) Earth #338?

Oh man, does it feel good to come in from the cold. It’s been almost five months since I won a “Where on (Google) Earth” competition and my blog has been suffering from neglect as a result. I was fortunate to catch a non-Schott Ruled challenge from Péter Luffi, and it didn’t take me too long to recognize that his remarkable cometary WoGE #337 was an ephemeral lake in a maar volcano crater. Noting the shadows indicated a southern hemisphere location, I soon narrowed my search to Patagonia, where I ultimately discovered his windswept wonder.

I know the WoGE hunters will be eager to get started on their next expedition, so with no further ado (and no Schott Rule) I present the target of your next search in the image below. As always, the person who correctly locates it (latitude and longitude will do nicely) and describes the significance of the geologic features seen therein will then reserve the honor of posting WoGE #339, in turn.

Where on (Google) Earth #338.

What are you waiting for? Mush!

A Week of Social Media Silence

I derive great value from social media, but the cost to me has been spending too much time sitting behind my computer. I think it’s time I changed that. I’m not sure this is practical, and recent experience suggests it won’t last two days, but I’m going to try to refrain from posting new material to my social media channels for a week starting from the publication of this blog post. I may reply to comments on earlier posts if I see them, but this effort probably won’t work if I don’t at least attempt to go cold turkey. I’ve got a couple of other things happening in “meatspace” this week that make this as opportune a time as any to attempt this crazy stunt, and I think I’ve dispensed all of my lingering social media obligations over the last day or so.

So here goes nothing…

Geologic Coffee Table

This coffee table was constructed by Joe Lori and presented to me as a gift from the Geology Club when I departed Lake Superior State University. It is also my entry (a little late) for the January 2012 Accretionary Wedge #42 geoblog carnival “Countertop Geology.”

I don’t think anyone has claimed Accretionary Wedge #44 for March 2012 yet, so if you’ve been waiting to host one this may be your opportunity.