OK – I Definitely Felt That

Sometimes when you get to the end of the day and you haven’t come up with an idea for a blog post, Mother Nature steps in and serves one up. Well, that just happened. About an hour ago I was sitting at my computer musing about what to post when I felt the chair and monitors begin to wobble. My first thought was that it was wind (it’s been a pretty windy day, even for Kansas), but when the shaking subsided I glanced over to Tweetdeck and what did I see? I saw this tweet from @jeffersonite:

OK Quake

Turns out it was a M5.6 quake down in Oklahoma. Personally, this is my third ever felt quake and the first I’ve been able to report to “Did You Feel It?“. I should probably Storify this tomorrow, if nobody beats me to it. And if you followed the quake on Twitter, you’d also have seen that it spawned a great idea for a future Accretionary Wedge: “Most-memorable/significant geologic event that I’ve [directly] experienced”. When’s the next available month, @lockwooddewitt & @callanbentley?