Silverton, Colorado & the Animas River

Aaah, once again the clock is ticking loudy and the blog post I had contemplated making today is going to take more time than is left before midnight. So I suppose I’ll just go to my old standby and post a GigaPan with some interesting geology for your exploring pleasure. It’s not quite as easy as throwing up a standard photo, but even if I have to do this every other day I’ve got enough GigaPans in the hopper for over four years of filler posts. ;-)

Today’s scene comes from the same late spring 2010 trip as Tuesday’s Black Canyon of the Gunnison shot. In fact, I shot this one just one day earlier, on my way from Shiprock, NM to Montrose, CO.


Carl Berger has previously captured Silverton, Colorado from this vantage point with some beautiful fall colors. I wanted to shoot the city but also catch some more of the beautifully braided Animas River and San Juan mountains scenery. I had a partly cloudy day to deal with, but I think that for the most part I was able to patiently outwait the clouds and capture mostly sunny images.