Where on (Google) Earth #283?

It’s been a quiet semester in Lake Wobegon… very quiet, as far as this blog goes. My inability to win “Where on (Google) Earth?” challenges has been no small part of the reason for that. There was a time when I could count on winning WoGEs to make up for a shortfall in my geoblogging, but it seems with the sharp new crowd of WoGErs and my seemingly interminable Schott Rule waiting period – now over 48 hours – it’s becoming harder and harder to cover my geoblogging defecit.

Fortunately last week Felix stumped the competition long enough for me to take a crack at a WoGE again and for a change I was able to distinguish his Damaran delicacy before my brethern had a chance to beat me to yet another. To repay all of these new WoGE experts, I’m sending you all to Davy Jones Locker to search for WoGE #283. I can’t begin to guess how quickly this one will be solved, but I’ll take a chance and NOT invoke the Schott Rule this time around. Thus, the first person to correctly identify the locality (latitude and longitude, please) of the seafloor below and to explain its geological significance will have the honor of hosting WoGE #284 on their own little home in the geoblogosphere.

Where on (Google) Earth #283.

Dive in!