Where on (Google) Earth #243?

Once I realized it was up I made relatively quick work of Ryan Brown‘s WoGE #242 of the Tasman Glacier on the South Island of New Zealand, which he kindly posted without a Schott Rule invocation. The shadows were the dead giveaway. The vast majority of alpine glaciers are located in the northern hemisphere, so when I noted the sun casting shadows on the south side of horns and aretes it only took a quick search of Patagonia before I headed over to the New Zealand Alps for the win.

I’ve enjoyed the quick pace of the last month or so of Google Earth posts. For WoGE #243 I’m choosing a relatively large area with a bit of coastline. Normally this would merit a Schott Rule invocation, but I have a sneaky feeling this one may be a bit tougher to find than it first appears, so I’m electing not to invoke it. I may, of course, be wrong, in which case the winner will post a locality (latitude and longitude) and description of the geology of the area seen below before the electrons on this post have a chance to dry. Time will tell…

Where on (Google) Earth #243.