A Brief Update: Packing for the Trip West

Earlier today I finally, wearily emerged from #gradingjail. Alas, there hasn’t been much opportunity to enjoy the achievement. I’ve spend most of the day packing for the trip to Google I/O and geologic points beyond that I detailed two weeks ago. My original plan was to spend four days driving to San Francisco, GigaPanning along the way. No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy, however, so it looks like I’ll be driving hard for the next two days with maybe a break or two to shoot a quick GigaPan, if time and weather oblige. Fortunately, two days will be plenty of time to complete the drive, so while the GigaPanning plan on this leg may be compromised, I should still have plenty of time to make the drive at a sane pace.

Berti Waves to the Ferry Operator

I’m also a bit frustrated that I have once again fallen behind on my “daily” deskcrop and outcrop blog posts. I haven’t abandoned the project – it’s just that more pressing things have gotten in the way, particularly because of the end of the semester. The irony of the fact that I haven’t posted anything for this month’s Accretionary Wedge – on a topic that’s right in my wheelhouse – is not lost on me. (And I still haven’t gotten around to posting about my geologic heroes either… harrumph!) Hopefully once I’m out in San Francisco I’ll have time to at least get caught up on the deskcrops I missed.

At the Lone Pine Fault Scarp, Summer 2005

Once I’m done with Google I/O I’ll attempt to turn in daily field reports as I photograph and GigaPan my way around California and back across the Basin & Range and Colorado Plateau to my home on the Great Plains. To that end, you may note the new link in the menu bar at the top – I’ve added a “static” webpage for viewing my Outcrop Live Stream. I won’t have this on 24/7, but as often as I think I can show something interesting of my journey I’ll be experimenting with streaming geology live from the field. I’ll try to tweet when I’m turning the camera on, and if I get really organized, I may try to post a daily schedule of upcoming geologic stops – subject always to change with little or no notice. When I am broadcasting there is a chat interface on the UStream show page or you can just tweet @rschott – no guarantee I’ll be able to respond in real-time, but I aim to try, particularly while I’m shooting GigaPans (and definitely NOT while I’m driving).

Colorado Plateau Strata at Capitol Reef NP