Day #52 Outcrop: Shale-Coal-Sandstone Stratigraphy

Back to a traditionally defined outcrop, today – well, if you consider a roadcut an outcrop. Exposure, of course, would be a better blanket term for all of these, but it doesn’t rhyme with Deskcrop, so I’ve elected to use the term Outcrop rather loosely in this series.

Anyhow, today’s exposure is a roadcut along Tennessee Highway 8 on the sinuous descent from the Cumberland Plateau, known locally as Fredonia Mountain, into the Sequatchie Valley at Dunlap, TN. There are many excellent exposures of Mississippian and Pennsylvanian foreland basin sedimentary rocks deposited as the Appalachian Mountains were growing to the southeast. The sequence exposed here includes black shales, overlain by a seam of bituminous coal, and capped by a package of fluvially deposited sandstones.

There’s also a nice little rockfall in the foreground – just a little reminder to be cautious when approaching rock faces.

Shale-Coal-Sandstone Stratigraphy

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