Day #10 Outcrop: Kanouse Mountain Folds

Where NJ 23 passes through a gap in Kanouse-Copperas Mountain near the outlet of the Charlotteburg Reservoir, a spectacularly photogenic anticline-syncline pair is exposed in roadcuts.

Anticline – Syncline Pair

I also captured a 32 megapixel wider view of the roadcut – again, too big for Flickr or Picasa, and too small for GigaPan.

This past summer I revisited the spot with the hope of making a proper GigaPan, but unfortunately the best folds were too heavily vegetated to photograph, so I made due with GigaPanning the anticline in the highway median.


I’m glad to see that Ian Stimpson (Hypocentre) is also working on a Rock365 Project. His 10 day compilitation post got me thinking and I believe that the way I will aggregate my Deskcrop/Outcrop posts this year is via Google Earth: