Where on (Google) Earth #167?

We have yet another first time winner who doesn’t have his own blog, so I’m going to host once more, but hopefully this will be my last hosting gig for a while. Rod finally solved Dean’s needle-in-a-haystack patterned ground stumper about a week ago, but I’ve been slow to post his follow up. Since I’m headed out of town for a couple of weeks I may not respond immediately to solutions for this one. If one of the veterans solves it, you’ll know how to post the next one on your own geoblog.

For any novices, the object of WoGE is to identify the latitude and longitude of the image below and explain the geological origins of the area pictured. The first person to successfully solve both has the honor of hosting the next WoGE on their own geoblog. Don’t have your own geoblog yet? Start one today!

Rod wanted to stick with a mantle plume theme but he’s chosen a little bit wider field of view “sort of in [his] backyard”. Rod gave me a nice description of the geology seen here so I won’t be playing myself.

Where on (Google) Earth #167.

Apologies for the delay in getting this one posted. It’s been a busy couple of weeks as the semester wound down.

Good Luck!