GigaPan Opportunity for Geologists

Once again I have the opportunity to nominate a geologist or two to participate in the Fine Outreach for Science GigaPan Workshop this May 20-22 in Pittsburgh, PA. The goal of the workshop is to introduce scientists to the GigaPan technology. As one of the original pilot scientists, I will be participating in this workshop, offering training in the basic and advanced use of the unit and insights from my extensive work in developing geological applications of GigaPan imagery. At last year’s workshop in Estes Park, Colorado each of the new participants received a GigaPan unit and tripod as part of the Fine Outreach for Science program.

Testing out brand new GigaPan robots at last year’s FOFS Workshop in Big Thompson Canyon, Colorado
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If you’re interested and can make the workshop dates please let me know either in the comments below or by e-mail. Tell me a little about yourself and how you think you might use the GigaPan to do geologic research and/or teaching.

For extra credit: see if you can identify any of the geologists in this GigaPan.