GeoMeme: High Peaks Edition!

How long have I been blogging? Long enough that I’ve already got a high peak post, predating the emergence of the greater Geoblogosphere.

I won’t list all 51 peaks because my list of summited peaks is rather short: Mt. Washington, New Hampshire 6,288′, Mt. Marcy, New York 5,344′, Mt. Sunflower, Kansas 4,039′, and High Point, New Jersey 1,803′. Of those only Mt. Marcy and High Point did I ascend on foot (twice each) – though I did descend Mt. Washington on foot. Mount Sunflower, however, offers the greatest challenge to any of you mountaineers – pan around the QTVR and see if you can detect any topographic relief at all!

Summit of Mt. Sunflower, Kansas, April 1, 2006

Flatter than a pancake… indeed!