Gualala Turbidites, German Rancho Formation

I’m gonna be late for my Intro Geology class, but I just saw Brian’s Friday Field Foto #76, and I am compelled to reply. The Gualala basin was, after all, MY Ph.D. field area. So I’m gonna see his field photo, and raise him a GigaPan of the exact same outcrop!

Just for that Brian you’ll have to wait another day for the next Where on (Google) Earth!

GeoMeme Backlog #1

Before I get back to “serious” blogging, I need to get a few old GeoMemes out of my system.

We’ll start with a simple but fun one: Places I’ve visited…

I’ve been to 45/50 of the United States, and most of those twice or more frequently.

visited 45 states (90%)
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On the other hand, my global travels (outside North America) are fairly pathetic – only 5 of 225 global countries (a few more if you want to count First Nations/Native American Nations of the Americas as independent nations).

visited 5 states (2.22%)
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If you want to break down my travels in North America a bit more I’ve found another site that breaks out Canadian Provinces, as well:

Canadian Provinces (only 4/13):
Canadian Provinces Visited

Sonora is the only Mexican state I’ve visited, and that for only about 20 minutes on foot, but hey, that’s enough for me to claim it!