Earth Science Week GigaPans

For the past two weeks (beginning with the Monday of Earth Science Week) the website has been featuring a bunch of Earth Science themed collections on their front page. There are still another couple of collections in the hopper, so you’ve still got a chance to see some of the “Geological GigaPan Goodness” on the GigaPan front page before it all disappears.

I’m working on compiling the full list of GigaPans featured in these sets. I wish I had a way of duplicating the random zooming image like you see on the GigaPan front page. Until then, here’s one from my recent Mineralogy class field trip to the Black Hills…

Homestake Open Pit Mine, Lead, South Dakota
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I should have posted about this two weeks ago when they were just starting up, but better late than never. (Besides I need a post tonight to keep my “streak” alive.)