AGU Session IN17: Earth and Space Science Applications of GigaPan Imagery

Like Brian, I got the good news last Friday that the American Geophysical Union (AGU) has accepted my session proposal for its fall meeting in San Francisco, California, December 15-19, 2008. The session is titled “IN17: Earth and Space Science Applications of GigaPan Imagery” and the description is as follows:

Gigapixel panoramic (GigaPan) imagery captures highly detailed photographic information that can be viewed in a way that preserves a high degree of detail through a wide range of zoom (magnification). Recent developments in robotics technology, image processing, and web-delivery have made the creation, viewing, and annotation of GigaPan imagery far more accessible to scientists and the general public than was previously possible. Examples of GigaPan imagery can be found at

The GigaPan session at AGU seeks to bring together scientists and technologists who are pioneering the application of GigaPan imagery in the Earth and space sciences to share their experiences and results, as well as to introduce additional scientists and educators to the capabilities and possible scientific and educational applications of GigaPan technology.

I’m hoping we can get some good participation from the Fine Outreach For Science (FOFS) scientists involved in the beta testing, as well as anyone else who feels they have something to contribute.