Accretionary Wedge #11 – Call for Submissions

Andrew kindly reminds me that its my turn to host another edition of The Accretionary Wedge. And so it is.

I have to admit, I’ve been especially delinquent in posting my own entries for the last couple of Accretionary Wedges, so maybe that’ll give me some topics for my own posts over the next few days. Better late than never, right?

Back when I signed up for the July slot back in January I envisioned volunteering for the July spot on a recurring basis on the general topic of Field Geology. My idea was to host a different variation on that theme each July, such as Field Camp Geology, Local Field Trips, Field Horror Stories, Most Exotic Field Locations, etc.

I know a couple of folks have already made field related posts this month and I certainly plan to include those in this month’s compilation, but I wanted to kick the field series off this year with a theme of “Field Camp Geology”. Given my late notice regarding this specific topic I figure I’ll give everyone another ten days or so to dig through their old photo collections and dust off a couple of field camp stories. Thus I’ll aim for a submission deadline of Friday, July 25th with an eye to publishing my compilation on the weekend of the 26-27 of July.