Where on (Google) Earth #125?

It’s been a busy couple of weeks of natural disasters (and a busier week or so of end of the semester tasks in the real world keeping me from posting since winning WoGE#124 – sorry for the delay), so I figure it’s only fitting that this WoGE falls into that general category. Instead of choosing the site of one of the past couple of weeks geologic hazards (too easy), I’m going back to a historical example. The oblique view in this case is meant to emulate that of a well-known photograph of this site taken in the immediate aftermath of the event. As always, the winner is the person who first posts the location of the feature(s) in question (latitude and longitude will suffice), but a full accounting of the geologic phenomenon, the historical event illustrated by this WoGE, and an account of how it relates to current geological events in the news would earn you even more adulation.

Where on (Google) Earth #125

I will invoke the Schott Rule [post time: 12:55 CDT] because this one’s too easy for many of you and we need some new winners. This only affects previous winners.

[Update] Since it’s been 24 hours without even a nibble, I’ll go ahead and show you the relevant photo:

Hmmm, I wonder what that could be?

Does that help?