Where on (Google) Earth #123?

As I was saying at the end of the second PodClast, Péter Luffi has been hammering me with his two most recent WoGEs. And it’s hurt my blogging over the last month or so! Okay, that’s being a bit facetious, but there’s a grain of truth to it. I really think that not having new WoGEs to post has interrupted the flow of my blogging. Fortunately, I’m back in the win column, so hopefully it’ll get my blog juices flowing. Lord knows there have been plenty of exciting geologic events in the news to blog about as well as a host of new voices in the geoblogosphere. You will not, however, see a tag cloud here – I do have some standards. ;-)

For a little change of pace I’m going back to an oblique view to highlight some topography. As always, the winner is the person who first posts the location of the feature(s) in question (latitude and longitude will suffice), but there’s lots of good geology to explain if you recognize the area…

Where on (Google) Earth #123

No Schott Rule, since I’m not playing this round. :-)