Where on (Google) Earth #70?

Zoltán’s recent Where on Google Earth localities have been really challenging for me – in large part because of the scale – but they’ve shown off some really spectacular geology that you just don’t see every day. I’ve focused on aesthetics on two of my last three, but this time I’ve found a spot with a geologic feature that I don’t think we’ve seen before in a Where on (Google) Earth challenge. The view is an oblique one, once again, and intended to highlight the new geologic feature:

Where on (Google) Earth #70

For the newbies: Identify the location of the feature (latitude and longitude will do) and describe the geology as best you can – there are no less than two interesting geologic features in this one. We’re pulling for you!

I’ll invoke the Schott Rule (Post time: 18:45 CST).