Where on (Google) Earth #42?

Sorry I’ve been a little slow in posting a new Where on (Google) Earth entry, but I’ve spent most of the weekend working on revising syllabi and updating my tenure file.

With the beginning of a new semester I figured I’d choose a WoGE that relates to material I’ll be covering in my classes this week. Thanks to Brian’s precedent setting WoGE #40 and Kim’s follow up with WoGE #41, I’m dispensing with a traditional map view and going straight for the oblique anaglyph. As always, I value an explanation of the geological significance of the image as much as the location. The Schott Rule is in effect (post time – 9:00am CDT), but I’d encourage you veterans to lay off for a couple of days to see if we can get a current undergraduate student winner.

With no further ado, then:

Where on (Google) Earth #42

Have a blast!