Where on (Google) Earth #21?

Holy mackerel! Brian goes on vacation and the Where on (Google) Earth? series makes the jump to light speed. We’re gonna double (triple?) his number of WoGE posts before he gets back if we keep up this pace. Yikes!

I don’t know if this one will slow things down, but having “dune” away with Yami’s WoGE #20 I suppose it’s up to me to try to stump you all again with #21. Given how fast Dr. Lemming dispatched with my last “stumper” I’m not overly optimistic about slowing this train down.

So with no further ado, here’s Where on (Google) Earth #21:

Where on (Google) Earth #21

No more mister nice guy oblique images to help you out this time, Dr. Lemming. :-(

There are however, bonus points available for explaining how the missing vegetation is related to the geology of the region. Super bonus points for illustrating your answer with photos/figures. (By the way, the super bonus points on WoGE #16 are still unclaimed!)

Finally, at Brian’s suggestion I’m working on a Google Earth network link that compiles the results of all previous (and future) WoGE posts. You’ll find it here: http://ron.outcrop.org/kml/WoGE.kmz (Under Construction – currently just a folder, not a network link – reload for updates).