Where on (Google) Earth #16?

I’ve greatly enjoyed Brian‘s Where on (Google) Earth? series of posts and I’m glad he’s agreed to serialize it. Since I just dispatched Chuck’s mysterious meanders, I figure it’s my turn to try to stump the assembled geoblogosphere.

So, in the traditional manner here’s Where on (Google) Earth #16:

Where on (Google) Earth #16

And because it’s Google Earth and not Google Maps we’re working with, I’ll throw in an oblique view for free:

Where on (Google) Earth #16

But wait! That’s not all you get. For bonus points please identify the landforms present and their geologic origin. Super bonus points for citing a publication in the geological literature that describes the origin of the landforms at this location. (And if you’re one of the authors of that paper, kindly let everyone else have a fair chance before your pride overflows.)