GSA Topical Session T140: Geosciences and Web 2.0 – Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Web Video

Yup, that’s right… I’ve gone and volunteered to chair a topical session at GSA this fall in Denver.

Professional geologists, geoscience educators, and interested amateurs explore the ways that “Web 2.0″ technologies are currently being used, and how they might be leveraged in the future, to build richer online community in the geosciences.

Web 2.0 technologies – and I intend to interpret that fairly broadly – are changing the way that networked communities interact and share information on the internet today. I want to use this session to bring together those of us who are already experimenting with these technologies in the geosciences to discuss our successes and failures and our ideas for the future. The session will necessarily follow GSA’s format for an oral session, but I would like very much to gather all of the speakers and interested parties into a less formal “unconference” type discussion, if possible.

Look for information on submitting abstracts in the April edition of GSA Today. And please ping me in the comments if you’re interested in participating, even if its not with a talk.