Geology Reading List

Over at Apparent Dip, Thermochronic is compiling a list of geology/science books that are accessible to the general public for “The Great Science Book Challenge” (see also here). I’ve made a couple of suggestions off of my Intro Geology extra credit reading list. Of course, John McPhee is right at the top of my list of recommendations. I’ve found some other interesting titles on his list that I haven’t read yet – all I need to do now is find the time to read them. :-|

Do you have any suggestions to add to these lists? Tell me about your favorite geology/science popular culture books in the comments.

Flat World Fixer Upper

About a month ago I made a couple of updates to this blog, thanks in no small part to the urging of my San Diegan feline friend. Among the additions were an Author blurb with my contact info (top left), an About page (still needs work), and most noticably, a switch to the Tulip Time WordPress theme, designed by an outfit out of Bowral, NSW, Australia. I’ve been meaning to update my blogroll for a while, too, and today I got a helping hand from Yuvi Panda, a 16-year-old blogger and Microsoft Student Partner living in Chennai, India. I liked the way he hacked the blogroll of the Tulip Time theme to sort links by category and he was kind enough to reply to my request for the code necessary to implement it. Thanks to all of you for your help!

All of this without leaving my desk in Hays, Kansas. Behold… the power of a Flat World.