Sternberg Museum Talk: Geology of the National Parks I: Igneous Rocks

Sternberg PteradonLast Friday I had the opportunity to present a talk at the Sternberg Museum on “The Geology of the National Parks” focusing on igneous rocks in a couple of the National Parks and Monuments along the Pacific Rim of the USA. Steaming VolcanoThe talk (podcast: 80 Mb mp3) was presented as a combination of PowerPoint (slides: 43 Mb ppt), Google Earth (placemarksGoogle Earth Placemark: requires GE), and a couple of QTVR panoramas (Alae Crater site and Pu’u O’o – Hawai’i Volcanoes NP; El Capitan Meadow and Washburn Point – Yosemite NP). It was a challenge juggling all that technology – particularly switching back and forth between mediums. In light of the pretty fast internet connection at the museum, I may well try to implement the whole “virtual field trip” on the web next time. I’m especially eager to test out HTML Slidy, the web-based PowerPoint killer that Jon Udell recently discovered. I’d try it now if I didn’t have so many more things to do to get ready for Field Camp…rocks and hammer