Where on (Google) Earth #447?

Just as Luis immediately recognized WoGE #445 as a place he had already visited, so I, upon seeing WoGE #446, thought #BTGT – “Been there, GigaPanned that”. I GigaPanned Bolinas Lagoon back in December 2008.

With no further delay, I present WoGE #447:

WoGE 447

The first person to successfully locate the coordinates and geologic significance of the scene above will have the opportunity to host the next WoGE on their own geoblog. No Schott Rule.

Happy searching!

Chasing Lava

Here’s a virtual tour of our hike out to the active flow field near Pu’u ‘O’o ten years ago that I constructed as part of the Mapping with Google MOOC last summer. Open the first link (a KMZ file) in Google Earth and play it as a tour for best effect.

Pu'u 'O'o hike

When we got back on the 7th we all took Hollywood showers and I treated the group to dinner in the dining room at Volcano House. Prime rib never tasted so good…